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Turbine Service Lift

Specify only the best for your technicians’ most important safety device

Power Climber Wind designs and manufactures the most reliable Turbine Service Lifts to improve technician safety, productivity and retention. Designed to meet WTG manufacturer specifications and tower configurations, our full range of CE-approved and AECO-certified lifts are integrated and powered by our world class proprietary hoists. Operating for 65 years, we own the design of this equipment and live the ownership experience every day.

Our TSLs:

  • Meet the highest safety standards worldwide
  • Include multiple, redundant safety systems
  • Feature proprietary hoist technology
  • Are built in our ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities
  • Feature simple, easy to understand internal and external controls
  • Faster travel speed
  • Intelligent controls
  • Highest global safety standards

Feature / Function / Benefit

Read more about the features of Power Climber Wind’s TSLs and discover how they can benefit you.




Proven Hoist

Reliable performance

Proven hoist performance ensures years of reliable service when accompanied by scheduled maintenance

Built-in Overspeed Brake

Stops lift in overspeed condition; cannot be removed; may be manually activated

Proven reliability ensures operator safety

Overload Trip

Integrated sensor prevents movement if lift is overloaded

Prevents use when loaded beyond safe rated load

Controlled Descent

Enables descent at a controlled speed if there is a loss of power

Safe and proven method of descending platform during a power interruption

Internal Controls

Constant-pressure switches control movement of the TSL

Simple, easy-to-understand controls ensure operator safety

External Controls

Outside operation

Enables operators to send unit up or down without an operator

Emergency Stop

Immediately cuts power to the hoist

Safety feature that enables operators to immediately stop the lift

Thermal Motor Protection

Disables motor in the case of accidental overheating

Helpful in preventing potentially expensive damage to the motor

Safety Wire Rope

Stops lift in case of suspension rope failure

Ensures operator safety

Upper Limit Switch

Stops upward travel on contact with an overhead obstruction

Protection to operators and lift in case of obstructions or upon reaching lowermost portion of the tower

Lower Limit Switch/Bottom Trip Bar

Limits travel in the down direction

Protection to operators and lift in case of obstructions or upon reaching lowermost portion of the tower


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