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IBEX® 1000

The IBEX® 1000 climb assist system puts complete control over the climbing experience in the hands of the climber, delivering personalized performance, increased safety, and better productivity.

The IBEX® 1000 allows user-adjustable support settings from 50 to 125 lb (25 to 55 kg), and provides constant load support, in both the up and down directions, regardless of climbing speed. These ride settings are stored in a load sensing EasyClimb Controller (ECC), attached between the climber and the belt, and can be changed at any time and anywhere.

Unlike other products on the market, the IBEX® 1000 responds to the climber’s movement and behavior. Motor power is controlled by signals from the ECC, which seamlessly communicates climber behavior to adapt motor output for a consistent, comfortable climb. The motor responds to the climber rather than the climber responding to a constant speed and torque motor. When you slow down, stop, or start climbing again, the IBEX® 1000 responds instantly and without the jerky stop-start motion of other systems.


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